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Some Encouragement for Beginners

Got that “two left feet” syndrome? We’ve totally been there and can show you that you can dance just like anybody else can. Check out what some of our students have to say about us:

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Sindy Lau: “Amazing people, good times, and a place to dance…what more can you ask for?!”

Ronnie Scott: “The absolute best dance studio in Burnaby! Awesome instructors and friendly environment”

Oh Baek: “Tango Burnaby Studio ROCKS”

Roberta Franchini: “Had so much fun over the last 8 weeks learning bellydancing and zumba with your wonderful, patient instructors! If anyone is on the fence about trying something new, I highly recommend signing up for a class! Thanks for everything, and I’ll be back for the next round of classes!”

Phil Daum “I have taken lessons at other schools before but I can’t believe all the things I am learning here. Ian is a great teacher who has made so many things clear for me”

Rachel Cheng: “Six months ago last Tuesday, I walked into this magical place called Tango Burnaby with a pair of cheap heels and two left feet and walked out with friends that I feel as though I’ve known my entire life. Love you guys.”

Tomas Hilton: “My wife made me start and I thought I would hate it but now I even go dancing when I am out of town on business instead of staying in the hotel by myself. Thanks Michael and Amy for being so encouraging!”

Peter Ferreira: “…I would never dance before 8 years ago when I started dancing as part of rehab from a head on car collision. I had brain damage and a rebuilt left leg but the dancing helped me heal when the physio couldn’t. Now I perform and teach dancing and am proud co-owner of Tango Burnaby Studio.”