7 Things a Beginner Dance Student Should Know

Having been beginners once ourselves we have seen it all and are delighted to share what we have learned with you. Remember we are here to help if you have any thoughts. Feel free to share!

1. Your teachers were beginners once too. It’s true! Contrary to popular belief professional dancers did not come dancing out of the womb. They had to take lessons and practice too.

2. Whatever you believe about your dance ability, you will prove yourself right. If you think you have “2 Left Feet” you will show the world it is true. But if you believe “I might not be able to dance now but I will learn” and you will soon see progress and have fun doing it.

3. Mistakes are learning opportunities not a disaster. Even the best dancers make mistakes, it’s only human, so go ahead and relax as the mistake will help you learn what not to do the next time. Oh and there are always plenty of tries to get it right!

4. The lessons challenging? You are not alone. Learning anything new is challenging that’s what makes succeeding at something new so rewarding. Most dance students think that they are the only ones who are experiencing the challenge thinking that their classmates are doing better than them. It’s simply not true. Rise to the challenge, learn from your mistakes and celebrate your successes and you will soon wonder what all the fuss was about.

5. Practicing is not hard and you have plenty to practice even after the first lesson… and you can do it without a partner. You know how your teacher lines you and your classmates up to show your part and you dance it by yourself? Well that is what you practice in your living room 25 times a day (less than 2 minutes) this way your muscles will learn just like they do when you drive a car. Your next lesson will be more fun too because you will be able to focus on the new content instead of struggling to remember what you learned last time. It’s easier than you might think and you will progress so fast!

6. Going out to dances is not as scary as beginners think. Most newcomers won’t go to socials and clubs because they are shy about dancing with all the “good dancers”. Truth is though that the practiced dancers are very friendly and like to meet new dancers AND you will learn and build confidence way faster. We find that people who go out dancing right away learn 3 times faster…now that is cool!

7. You need to know lots of steps before going dancing. Um no… How many is enough? Well most dancers do about a half dozen of their favorite moves all night. Then they learn new favorite moves in class and just exchange a couple moves at the next social. It’s that simple.

Got questions? Just ask…we are here to help