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Why Real Men Dance


Well the above images say it all but if it is not enough, here are obvious reasons why Men Should Dance.

But First… the number 1 reason why men don’t dance… Fear. Yup face it guys we are afraid of looking like idiots and we’ll say anything to cover that up especially that “I’ve got two left feet” excuse…been there.

But you know you want to dance especially if you sit at a bar or stand in a corner and can’t take your eyes off of all the other men and women who are having fun on the dance floor. All you need is some confidence that comes from lessons and practice. It’s really that simple. Click here to learn how we are here to help beginners.

Why Men Should Dance

  • Because it is a great ice breaker. Yup there is no faster way to get a woman you never met before in your arms than with these 5 little words: Would You Like to Dance? No more stupid pick up lines!
  • Because women love a confident man. DUH! A man who dances is clearly confident as he doesn’t care about what other people think. A man who stays on the sidelines speaks volumes and the women see it.
  • Because it shows you are considerate to the ladies. Yes if you are a good leader that doesn’t  drag a woman around the the dance floor like a sack of potatoes will have the ladies lined up to dance with you. Women want to feel respected and feminine. So just doing the ‘crotch grind’ on her does not work… it gets old really fast.
  • Because it turns women on. Men who can dance are sexy to the ladies. You know this is true gents.
  • Because it is great fitness for mind and body. Dancing is dynamic in movement so you are using all your muscles while burning fat and calories. it has also been shown to create new neural connections in the brain so it helps to keep your mind sharp.
  • Because it is fun. Be it a victory dance, rain dance courtship dance and the like men have danced since the since the dawn of civilization. Busting a move is celebration and celebrating is always fun!
  • Because men actually love to dance. Don’t believe this? Well remember all those times you get tipsy and start dancing up a storm? It just shows there is a dancer inside you who is dying to come out.
  • Because it is affordable. Dance lessons and parties are so cheap compared to many other activities.
  • Because dancers are friendly. You will meet so many new friends they will be like a second family. Wouldn’t that be cool?

So in a nutshell every man who can dance now couldn’t dance before he learned. Enjoy what millions of men enjoy reap a lifetime of fun.

Feel free to come by and watch any class to see guys just like you having a great time.
Got questions? Give us a call at 604-830-1326 and our friendly dance addicts team are happy to help.

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