What makes Tango Burnaby school so different?

We share our love of dance with everyone we welcome through our door… enthusiasm counts!We offer structured courses designed to get students dancing quickly.We do plenty of review, so missing the odd class isn’t a disaster. Our instructors have invested years (and thousands) in training to know how to teach as well as what to teach.Our smaller classes mean you get more individual attention and feedback.

Our intermediate classes offer extra studio time so the students can practice. We a regular dance, giving students a chance to socialize, practice, and get perspective by watching more experienced dancers…  . We expand the boundaries of dance by exploring new music and dance culture. We not only teach technique, we teach dance as hobby and a living community: we offer Dance Etiquette tips, music information, and dance community updates.

Do I need a partner?

Nope. We are unique as we always create balanced classes by encouraging folks to pre-enroll so that we can keep track of how many men/women we get. If we are short either way by 1 or 2 that is okay because you’ll rotate partners every two to three minutes and get to dance with many like minded dancers like yourself. Folks who show up with out pre-enrolling are welcomed to the class only if there is room and it does not upset the balance.

If I come to class with a partner, do I have to rotate partners?

Not at all.

why is it good to dance with many different partners?

One of the main questions that students ask us is “how long will it take me to learn this dance?”. We say: 1- Take plenty of lessons (of course). 2- Practice as much as possible. 3 – dance with as many different people as possible because each person feels different forcing you to fine tune your dancing for better communication, frame, posture and balance. You will also build confidence way faster and make new friends. Dancing with multiple partners is one of the shortest routes to becoming a better dancer faster.

Why does dancing with only one partner inhibit my ability to learn a social dance?

The more partners you dance with the more confidence you gain in your ability

How can I learn to dance if I don’t have a partner to practice with?

You know all those great dance pros you see on the stage and TV? They all practice by themselves to work on balance, movement, patterns, muscle memory and the like. The reality is most people actually DON’T have partners but the solution is simple: take classes, go out dancing with as many different people as possible. The dance community always welcomes novice dancers and you will find many who will work with you as you learn. You will learn quickly if you go dancing regularly.