How To Get Men To Dance


It’s no secret

that most men are shy about dancing.

The big secret

however is that men actually created dancing through the centuries.

It’s no secret

that women love men who dance and yet they try and try but can’t get most men to dance…or can they?

We are sharing tips about the methods we as a dance school use to encourage men to dance. Check it out

  • First you need to understand that, what ever they might say, most men are afraid of looking foolish on the dance floor. They feel lots of pressure so we must encourage with kid gloves.
  • Next help him understand that the best dancers couldn’t dance before they learned. We truly believe there is no such thing as a natural dancer. Nobody comes out of the womb dancing! What gets some people dancing when others won’t is how they feel about it. So we must help them see dancing for the fun recreation that it is.
  • Telling him it is fun or even bringing him to try a free class doesn’t work. You have to overcome his negative perception of dance. He might be nervous, shy, fearful, indifferent or even think it is gay. Find out his objection then chip away at it over time not all at once.
  • Tell him it is natural to feel pressure and worry about looking foolish. Everybody feels like that at first. But you will be with him all the way and nobody will pressure or laugh.
  • Bring him to watch a dance class and he will see that people just like him are dancing. Make sure it is a beginner or low intermediate level class though. People are intimidated by those they perceive as high level dancers as it adds pressure to ‘measure up’ to the high level. Better to watch intro level classes
  • Bringing him to watch at a dance works only if you don’t leave him for too long. Stay with him for the duration. If you go dance with another man and he sees you having fun with him it puts your man in an awkward position thinking he has to measure up equaling undue pressure on him. Also, introduce him to some nice people (especially other men) at the dance who will help to make him feel welcome and included.
  • If he happens to dance after a few drinks. (Most people do as they are relaxed with a few drinks) Tell him the next day that he has great rhythm (even if he looked a little goofy) and he danced pretty good. Tell him he was fun to dance with and you would like to do it more. This could lead to him taking classes with you.
  • Always be encouraging and never criticize. We are critical enough about ourselves anyway. Find the strengths, no matter how small, and build on them.
  • Never Never Never try to teach him to dance. It just leads to arguing. Let a profesional and encouraging teacher do it and be super patient as he works through what he learns