Top 3 myths about Argentine Tango

AT is one of our specialties and we are fortunate to teach folks from all walks of life. Imagine our dismay when we found out that some people want to learn tango but don’t because of some common misconceptions:

MYTH 1: Argentine Tango is the hardest dance to learn. Social Tango is very approachable for anyone. Performance Tango is hard. Just like driving your car in city traffic is much easier than driving your car in a rally race. It also depends on how it is taught. A teacher can make it harder than it needs to be. Peter is a tango teacher who specializes in teaching our beginner level and uses real world working examples that folks can relate to.

MYTH 2: You need a partner. NOPE! Fact is, just like any other of our pair dances, the vast majority of Tango dancers are single and take classes alone but make friends as they go to class and parties.

MYTH 3: The close embrace is scary. It can be for folks who have never done it before which is why we ease you into the close embrace starting with the open embrace. Once you understand how the close embrace is done and how comfortable it is you will enjoy it. Bet you didn’t know that there are styles of tango that are always open embrace… woo hoo a revelation!

Tango is so beautiful and amazing that it is actually copied by other dance styles and you can dance it to a huge variety of music! Why not get started today?

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